30 September, 2016

4 Beautiful Granite Countertops for your Bathroom

Granite is considered to be the best material to be used for countertops. The HandyForce are the best East York bathroom remodel company in the city and are experts in their field. They encourages clients to install granite countertops for their bathroom. One of the main reasons for its popularity is its durability factor. It has a natural surface that is easy to clean. Granite is used for kitchen countertops and bathroom countertops as well. Granite can be found in many styles and colors.You can also choose between glossy and matt. It is very costly because of its outstanding properties. For the normal granite countertops, you have to pay about $50 to $60 per foot including the installation charges. Granite of this price range will not be very durable, and it may be vulnerable to scratching or chipping. Better quality granite will cost $60 to $70 per foot. The high-end granite will cost about $200 or more per foot. These granites will last you a lifetime.

Granite comes in various patterns from gentle hues to the bold ones. You will find a slab of your choice from the many options available. Having granite countertops for your bathroom will increase the resale value of your house significantly. Here are four beautiful granite countertop ideas for your bathroom:

White granite
White gives you the feeling of elegance. You can have white granite countertops matching your white floor and wall tiles. The toilet, tub, sink, etc. are also white giving the whole bathroom a peaceful image.

Black granite
Black granite looks gorgeous as a bathroom countertop. There are bronze faucets and towel bar that complements very well with the black countertop. If you want a luxury feel to your bathroom, you should install black granite.

Beige granite
You can choose the countertop to be a shade lighter or darker than the adjacent cabinetry. The natural color palette of the granite gives the bathroom a subtle look.

Brown granite
Brown granite having coffee and beige colored specks will match with your wooden cabinets. As the countertop material is dark, it pops out and makes a statement. It synchronizes well with the other surfaces of the bathroom as well.

Granite is heat, scratch, and stain resistant. It doesn’t allow any mold or mildew formation. It is the most expensive and luxurious materials to be used for countertops. People love the look and feel of granite, so they are even ready to pay more for the quality, appearance, and finish. If you are considering bathroom renovation, then install granite countertops. It will increase your home’s value to many folds. There are countless different designs available. Contact the folks at The HandyForce as they are known for the good job they do when it comes to East York bathroom renovations. Give them a call and let them guide you through the process.

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