5 May, 2014

Architectural Design

Ok so I just finished my first year in college, and when I look into my study plan I have to take “architectural design studio 1 &2” in order to graduate. . The thing is I’m not good at drawing, yes I am good with digital things like 3dsmax and AutoCAD but hand drawing I do enjoy it but it’s not good at all, most of my colleagues are like pros and good. . So I was just wondering and asking all the architects out there. . Do you think I will even pass this class? I mean I would try my absolute best, but I know I’m not good at it like the others are and all the professors are hard at analysis and grading . . Essentially — Architectural design studio 1 (BARCH) AutoCad is type of drawing philosophy required, you want to look at course outline, and understand that the drawing is still technical, you can implement aesthetics to project design once you’ve overall design set out for building or constructing, architectural or mechanical drafting is better in any ways than digital, but not as fast or convent, no matter what lies ahead, you are already moving forward with education and goals in design, the whole of course is from the ground up, drawing, modeling, constructing, management, it will be your concentration on course itself, not social life out side of colleagues and other students in course, remind yourself often why you are on this path, and don’t get caught up in other distractions until course is complete, ____________ .

The Architectural Design major at Stanford integrates engineering and architecture blending innovative architectural design with cutting-edge engineering tec. . .

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