8 November, 2013

Architectural Design

What is the difference in degree level and professional potential in a 5 year Bachelor of Arch program such as Pratt, Syracuse, and most schools offer and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in "Architectural Design" like Parsons offers which is a 4 year course? I feel like with the latter firms would be reluctant to hire but what would also be a quicker route to a masters in architecture. Do you know what I found? The Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch. ) is an undergraduate academic degree designed to satisfy the academic component of professional accreditation bodies, to be followed by a period of practical training prior to professional examination and registration. It is awarded for a course of study that lasts up to five years. In some cases, a B. Arch can only be undertaken after having completed a three-year generalist architectural degree, in which case, it may be as short as two years. Many architecture schools using this bi-partite structure have re-badged their B. Arch programs as M. Arch degrees. The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Architectural Design is a four-year pre-professional degree that prepares students for careers in architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, exhibition design, interior design, environmental art, and other fields that demand expertise in spatial, digital, ecological, and material design. Using representational means ranging from models to full-scale material constructs to digital animation, students conceptualize and develop architectural schemes to address environmental, cultural, and theoretical concerns.

Talk title: Architectural design that transforms learning In Peter's architectural practice he explores how the build environment can enhance learning. The n. . .

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  1. Tiger Durham November 5, 2013 at 12:16 am #
    A Bachelor in Architecture will prepare you for a Masters in Architecture and is related to building structures. A Bachelor of Fine Arts-Architectural Design is interior design and an understanding of the structure which needs to be maintained for both foundation and aesthetic purposes.