7 February, 2014

Assistant Construction Supervisor

I got my Strata management certificate last September at UBC and everybody wants experience and not willing to train. I have related skills such as security and being a security supervisor on various properties for 12 years, and Business Management Diploma and tons of computer software knowledge and experience. For some reason related is not good enough for Strata everybody wants direct experience and not willing to give me a break. Does anybody know how to get a break and I have some construction knowledge from security, UBC course and 1st year apprenticeship electricity. Everybody I talked to was inexperienced so why not give somebody else a chance. Give a a ring if you need a assistant strata manager I am a fast learner with my related experience. Thank you. Essentially — Sorry buddy, but being a security guard on a construction site gives you ZERO construction experience. Looking at them pour concrete or bring materials in etc does not give you any experience. Also, EVERYONE gets their license (it's called a license, not certificate) from UBC so that's not anything better or one upping other candidates. Your experience as an apprentice electrician is also not applicable. Your job as a property manager is simple: You are the point of contact for all complaints and you field them and send the appropriate bodies to investigate, fix, etc the issues. Your best shot is to take any job you can get even if it pays little to nothing. I wouldn't brag or make yourself all pathetic like "no one's going to give me a break". This is a BUSINESS – no one's going to give you a break because there's hundreds of you out there. So why would they give you a break if there's someone else more experienced? It's time to be more humble and just say "I'm willing to learn and would love an opportunity" even if it doesn't pay remotely as much as it should. You just have to get your foot in the door, and I advise that you check your sense of entitlement and ego at the door.

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