11 November, 2013


I have drawn an aluminum extrusion. I've been told that AutoCAD can automatically tell you the weight per linear foot. I've been doing AutoCAD for a very long time and have never had to use this function. Does anyone out there know how to get this information. After looking around, I learned — You can't automatically, at least not in plain jane AutoCAD. Perhaps whomever you heard that from has an add-in application program. One approach to make this calculation, which isn't automatic, but isn't hard either, would be to make your cross section into a closed, zero-width polyline. Then get it's properties (list), one of which is the area. Take that area (convert to ft^2 if needed) and multiply by 1 ft to get the volume for a linear foot. (If the extrusion is hollow it'll be a slightly more complicated, you'll have to make the "core" into a closed polyline as well, and subtract that area from the total. ) Finally, multiply that volume by the weight/cu. Ft. Of the particular Aluminum Alloy you're using.

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