3 December, 2013


I've to work with furnace controls, which include both electrical and electronics components of course. The thing is: I am still new to autocad. I've a copy of the Autodesk autocad 2010 regular software. Do I need the Autocad electrical s/w for control circuits? Kindly mention the key differences between the two softwares. Could there be any way to compensate for the features of Autocad Electrical that are missing in the regular version, which would mean I wouldn't have to acquire the Electrical s/w. Thank you. Well, I've your answer right here. Acad Electrical is regular Acad with add on for electrical designs. You can make electrical drawings without that add on but obviously it is not going to be quite as efficient/fast and you'll not get library of symbols (so you've to make your own or download free ones like from www. Mrplc. Com). That increase in productivity is reason Autodesk sells Electrical (there is also Mechanical Desktop which is version that has better support for mechanical design etc. ). So, as an example when making electrical diagrams you'll often need to do numbering of the wires, cross references when something continues on next page etc. This is what Autocad Electrical can do for you. If you use regular autocad, you'll want to get at least AutoNumb (ddnumb) which is free and good tool to perform wire numbering for example.

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