29 October, 2013

Bench Carpenter

. After looking around, I learned — Depends on how good a cabinet maker he is, and what his marketing skills are like. A bespoke kitchen made from scratch could cost 25k, would probably involve about 3 weeks work, and would probably have a material cost of around 12k. So 13k to pay a man and mostly a labourer. That would work out at around 4k. Of course he may only be able to find work for 20 weeks a year, and his overheads have to come off that too. If he was doing restoration work he would make about 2k a week. Of course a lot of people calling themselves cabinet makers aren't. It is a highly skilled job and a dying trade. I don't know of any under about 50. I have no idea what a bench carpenter would make, but a lot less that a cabinet maker.

Cabinetmakers and bench carpenters generally design and create sets of cabinets that are customized for particular spaces. In some cases, their duties could begi. . .

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