28 March, 2014

Cabinet Installation

I have found plenty of cabinet install sites but I was wondering if anybody has there own preferred site that has really good information. Thx Joe. Do you know what I found? I take it you already have the cabinets? If so, or even if you are planning, get a layout design from whomever you are purchasing the cabinets from. You need to either take the existing kitchen measurements yourself or have them come out, later is the best. Installation guides and brochures area available at the home centers. I always hang wall cabinets first, this helps keep from damaging the base cabinets while you install the upper cabinets. I try to keep the upper and lower cabinets lined up, If you have an inside corner – start there first. Snap a chalk line on wall at the location of the bottom of the wall cabinets – this is determined by using 84" as the standard height to the top of the wall cabinet line. Lots of kitchen designs now have varied height to the top of the wall cabinets, however the bottom usually stays the same. This standard is 54" from the finished floor to the bottom of the wall cabinets. Find the stud centers on the walls behind the cabinets *they will get cabinets over them so don't worry about driving a nail to find the studs. Now transfer that measurement from the corner to each cabinet. Drill pilot holes in the top and bottom rails of the cabinet – use cabinets type screws to secure them to the wall. We then use a "T-Nut and screw" to screw the cabinets together. You can install shims behind the bottom edge of the wall cabinets to help line them up so they are flush on the face, cut off with utility knife when finished. Base cabinets start at the highest level point of the floor, work your way around, shim under the base cabinets if and when the floor dips lower. Some base corner cabinets must be pulled a little out further to allow for drawers to miss adjacent pulls, watch for this and check before screwing base cabinets to the wall. Keep a 4' level handy to check level as you install the base cabinets. We cover the front of the base cabinets by using the boxes they came in. Staple the cardboard to the top of the base cabinet frame and let it hang over the fronts to keep them from getting scratched. Hope this helps you some.

Instructions on installing base cabinets with a corner sink.

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