9 February, 2014

Cabinet Installation

We are doing kitchen remodeling That includes new cabinets and new counter top etc. I have an over the range microwave (all appliances in white color). I would like to replace with over the range stainless steel microwave. At what stage should I install the appliances? And what should I tell the cabinet guys to install the cabinets so it is conducive to the microwave installation. I am really confused. Please help. I was happy to learn… Your cabinet installers only need the outlet in the proper place before they arrive to install. The height to place the outlet will be at 78" from the floor regardless what height uppers you use. As for width, there are only 2 size microwaves, a 30" and a 36", nothing else. So hopefully the kitchen designer ordered the proper cabinet above the range and micro. Hopefully whoever designed your kitchen asked if you are putting in a micro or a hood vent because that determins the height of the cabinet above the stove and micro. Your micro will be 16" high and it should be one inch below the bottoms of the upper cabinets. Your other issue is the vent. If there is no vent then you can just go ventless. Todays micros come with a cover which is removable if you choose to hook it to a vent. If you have no outside vent pipe then you leave this cover on and the micro just recirculates and filters with a dishwasher safe filter. To clean the filter just toss the filter in the DW and reinstall it. Hope that helps.

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  1. Florida Baghwan February 5, 2014 at 9:08 am #
    You will need a circuit for that microwave. Get the measurements from the cabinet guy, that way you know where to stub your wire out or to install a box. I install an outlet in the cabinet above the microwave. Thats first step. Once the cabinets are installed, then you simply install the mounting bracket, drill a hole for the cord to be plugged in the cabinet above.