11 February, 2014


Hi I need help getting a cabinetmaking apprenticeship ive looked around I cannot seem to find any thing I live near roxy so its hard for me to go far I just want help finding a place that does not care if I have a drivers license ive been to 3 interviews so far and they liked me until they saw my age and said sorry we need any one who can drive and today I went out on another interview and any dopey guy who worked there told me to come today and then the boss was like sorry he didn't know I all ready hired any one I know I haven't looked for long just a week but its been a annoying process the funny thing is if I was qualified id have a choice of over 174 jobs lol. Do you know what I found? Get stuck in and accept a job in busing distance of where you live if you don't drive. The economy is not getting any better and the government we have in canberra hasn't done business, especially exporters any favours. That is why it is hard to get work. They are not putting on young fellows like you. You are lucky to be living in an area where you have such a wide range to choose from. Select a fairly large place that you think will keep going. Ask if they are going to fund your training through TAFE. You may have to attend classes or you may be trained in the workplace. Find a TAFE with a cabinet making course near where you live. Also, as soon as you are old enough, put any funds aside and get in touch with a driving instructor to get driving lessons if you family are unable to give you lessons. These sites have any positions. +cabinet+maker/l-melbourne,+vic You have only just begun. Don't be too picky. Some older people search for work and can't get employment. Jobs are there and you should grab the opportunity while you are able too. Good Luck…

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