2 June, 2014

Carpenter Assistant

I hired a carpenter and his assistant to renovate a small bathroom. I have been purchasing all the materials for the job myself at Home Depot. However, the carpenter told me to open an account at a local hardware store so that he can use it if he needs to purchase fittings for the plumbing. When I went to close the account this week, I was surprised by many of the charges. I was charged $60 for a case of 3m face masks, $22 for a dust pan and brush, and also for contracter bags, razer knifes and blades, sponges, Soft Scrub, paint pails, and tape. The plumbing fittings that I thought this account was for cost about $40 which is fine. . but the other items in question totaled $170. Should these charges be included in the labor or should I be reponsible for paying for items considered ‘tools’? I pay the carpenter and his assistant $375 total per day. Today I found out that… These carpenters are probably used to working for a contractor, which the contractor furnishes all this stuff for each job. Since they don’t have the use of their bosses stuff – they want you to pay for it. At $20 per hour more or less, they probably could have made due with any of this stuff from their personal collection. I buy 3m dust mask for $22 a box of 100 – you got stiffed on that one. Sounds like they got carried away. I would just say – hey guys… No more charges on my account, and don’t expect me to refer my friends to you for any side work for them. Tell them you want to see all this stuff / used and unused when they are done. Keep an eye on the times they leave the job also. This could be a bad signal for you, and a sign of worse things to come. Homeowners who hire individuals vs. A contractor sometimes turn into babysitters. My carpenters know what I expect and I want my customers to get exactly what they pay for. I want them to be happy with the job and my crew. Guys you hire for cash – just don’t have the mentality to know what a contractor knows about doing business. My crew won’t eat your cookies left on the kitchen table, they clean up any mess they make at the end of the day, they won’t use your bathroom or watch your tv at lunch time. They won’t park any truck that leaks oil on your concrete driveway, and we also make every attempt to keep your neighbors happy as we work on your home. This is the way a good contractor runs his jobs. Individuals just want their money.

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  1. Mandy May 29, 2014 at 1:31 am #
    It depends on your original estimate and contract terms. Most contractors either have an allowance for expendables or charge you whatever they expend directly. Either way, things he purchases specifically for your job should remain with you - that would be any unused masks, bags, the dust-pan, brush and anything else along those lines. Or, he should refund you a portion of those costs for what remains with him. Bluntly, a contractor that charges you for a dust-pan and brush, paint pails, the actual razor knife and similar - all things he should already have - is taking you for a ride. Don't let him.
  2. Lyz Terrence May 29, 2014 at 1:31 am #
    . Absolutely NOT. If this jerk was a "real" carpenter, he would have his own tools. If there was a tool he needed or wanted, he should have bought it himself !!!. Who does he think he is ?. What I'm wondering is how did you ever get messed up with a guy like this anyway ?. Did you him in a "Cracker Jack Box" ?. You should have had a signed and legal contract with him before he was even allowed on your property. This jerk is nothing more than a common thief. In all my years, I NEVER would have treated someone like that. Next time, be more careful. It would be wise to get references.
  3. Tiger Terrence May 29, 2014 at 10:54 am #
    I'd say ridiculous. Hope others learn from this. . . never give carte blanch to someone you've hired.
  4. Daytona Camry May 29, 2014 at 12:46 pm #
    You generally set the total price for the job up front, including material and labor. You should never open an account for someone else to use. He should give you the leftover materials that you paid for. You should not pay by the day as it encourages them to work slowly. Pay by the job and get it in writing, including the completion date.
  5. Jasmine Dree May 29, 2014 at 8:03 pm #
    call the police. but they will tell you that you are the one who opened the account for him. big mistake. my advice. get a couple of relitives. go there and kick the s--t out of the carpenter. not the helper. and take your stuff back. it is your stuff. it was bought under your name. if he didn;t use it on your job it is yours. on your way out. slap him again.