26 February, 2014

Commercial Construction

So my dad has a company in residential and ya it makes good money but a friend I just picked up this yr dad is commercial and residential and hired my dad on this 12 million dollar job thats the type of money im looking for how do I get into commercial construction as starting a buisness for myself. I think I found an answer. Go to work from your friend's dad. Get some experience and save some money Find out what kind of profit margin he has. Large contracts often have small profit margins. You should already know this since you dad is in the business; but the construction business is very competitive and business turnover is high, The following is from the source listed below. "Opportunities for workers to form their own firms are better in construction than in many other industries. Construction workers may need only a moderate financial investment to become contractors and they can run their businesses from their homes, hiring additional construction workers only as needed for specific projects. The contract construction field, however, is very competitive, and the rate of business turnover is high. Taking courses in business helps to improve the likelihood of success. " "Managerial personnel usually have a college degree or considerable experience in their specialty. Individuals who enter construction with college degrees usually start as management trainees or as assistants to construction managers. Those who receive degrees in construction science often start as field engineers, schedulers, or cost estimators. College graduates may advance to positions such as assistant manager, construction manager, general superintendent, cost estimator, construction building inspector, general manager or top executive, contractor, or consultant. Although a college education is not always required, administrative jobs usually are filled by those with degrees in business administration, finance, accounting, or similar field"

Step by Step Tutorial: This video will show you the different types of foundations that are commonly used in residential . . .

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