2 January, 2014

Construction Carpenter

My friend is an Engineer but he has been issued "Construction Carpenter" visa by his employer Hyundai having site at Abu Dhabi. But he wants to take his family after any time. Will that be a hindrance for him in applying family visa? Or is he need to apply for upgrade? What are the procedure and can he do it independently? Please reply. Many thanks in advance . I was so happy to find this — Change of profession can take place only when issueing a new visa which will happen when the current one expires. Also as a "carpenter" he can sponsor his family if he fulfills the requirements but has to pay additional AED 5. 000 per sponsored person. Of course he can apply at I'mmigration independently but needs a NoC from his employer to do so.

"What I love the most is seeing a job from start to finish. You can see what you built. . . Say, 40 years from now. "

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