15 February, 2014

Construction Carpenter

I know this is sterio typical but Some one told me business men are nice guys and construction workers and carpenter type trades are bad men? Whats your opinion in this topic. Do you think physical labor trades turn men into dogs because they work around more men then women and dont notice skirts all day and legs?? Men in business suits who sit at a desk are sweet? Where could this derive from? Any one have TRUE FACTS?? Very good point everyone. After looking around, I learned — Have you considered that business men might cheat more on you BECAUSE theyre around women more, which creates temptation? Every man is his own person outside his job. How a man treats a woman doesnt come from his profession as much as it comes from values he acquired growing up. Yes, there may be guys that are not around women enough so they dont know how to act around them. . There are also business men that are around women but are awkward with them and dont know how to act. There are carpenters who cheat, construction workers who cheat, business men who cheat, etc.

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  1. Wiz Burbank February 11, 2014 at 2:18 pm #
    Bullshit.. Its the guys with offices and suits who pretend to be nice but are really full of themselves jerks. . Hows that for a stereotype?.nice or dogs it doesnt matter what your job is. .