19 January, 2014

Construction Project Manager

Yea I know that they are completely different professions . I know for a fact that a mechanical engineer can work in the construction industry. For me, I want to be both. Not at the same time because that would not be possible obviously, but both of these careers are great . Making machines and managing big complex projects. I am just wondering if its possible for a mechanical engineer to be a construction project manager. After looking around, I learned — No, because construction is not in the field of expertise of a mechanical engineer. Maybe he might be resident engineer, or lets say assistant project engineer.

I am self-motivated, dedicated and talented MEP — EPC Manager with extensive experience in construction industry in the regions of Africa, Latin America, Pe. . .

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  1. Terry Robot January 18, 2014 at 4:29 am #
    Yes some universities allow students to take project management courses as part of their mechanical engineering degree. The reason is that engineering includes driving solutions to the industrial market. E. G. Think about the difference between a chemist taking a chemistry degree and a chemical engineer. A chemist is laboratory based, developing new solutions, having in depth chemical and analytical knowledge, whereas a chemical 'engineer' is involved in design but has additional skills e. G. To manage production of a chemical through a specific control process. I took MEng Mechanical Engineering with Business Finance. I went on to do an MRes in Materials Science Engineering (which was a module in my MEng degree which I liked). I am currently a PhD candidate in Chemistry. My colleagues who did an MEng in Mechanical Engineering are now. . . . . . . . . . . . Investment bankers.. LOL