27 February, 2014

Construction Quality Assurance

They are hiring expatriate workers and asking visa/working permit processing fee as shown below; YOUR SOLUTION TO EASY AND LEGAL PASSAGE TO UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Attention: ROBERT D. SOLOMON in respect to your request for valid traveling papers, we first of all must assure you that you are in the right Traveling Agency for assurance is 100% guaranteed. However, for efficient procurement of your Traveling Papers/Employment Authorization Document, you are required to provide the following prerequisites as soon as possible: (1) A scanned copy of your international passport (Back and Front) (2)You are required to fill out the visa form as attached to you. (3) The processing of your Visa/Work-Permit/Residence Permit shall attract a certain amount of fees as stated: * Visa Fee: $800(USD) * Work-Permit Fee:$590(USD) * Residence Permit Fee: $590(USD) * Courier Fee(for the dispatching of your documents): $140(USD) Total: $2,120 USD (two thousand one hundred and twenty dollars only) Valid for 5 years. Finally, it is pertinent to let you know that it would take a maximum of 12(twelve) working days to procure/process documents and dispatch it to you via DHL courier service once the above stated requirements have been completed satisfactorily. Regards, Miss. Norma D. Williams HCC VISA SPECIALIST /Travel Manager TRAVELING ITINERARIES/VISA SECTION EMAIL: Visa@helixxconstruction. Com. I was happy to learn… It's a scam. I found five different 'Helix Construction' entries on the site below, but there are *no* listings for 'Helix Construction Ltd. ' or for 'Helixx Construction'. The use of 'Ltd. ' is generally reserved for members of the British Commonwealth. US companies use 'LLC'. And even if they did exist, you would need to already be a resident of the US, and a member of a valid trade union, to work for these companies. This ad sounds like the same old spam from someplace like Nigeria or Hong Kong. DO NOT send any money to these people.

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