1 November, 2013

Construction Supervisor

I got hired as a construction supervisor, and start on Monday. I want to pull in with style, so the guys will respect me. I was thinking of cranking Justin Beiber on my truck stereo, so they'd hear me coming. Think this will work? I've never been a supervisor before. Well, I have your answer. Well, if you want to do that, go right ahead. I personally would recommend dressing nicely but with obvious sense since this is a construction job. Walk in with your head held high, an open mind and a neutral or positive look on your face. (As odd as this may sound. ) Be yourself, be what you want. There is many ways to do this. You can be "One of the boys" (which sometimes doesn't work) or have a purely professional outlook.


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  1. Ursula October 31, 2013 at 10:30 am #
    Yeah. Just be yourself.
  2. Mary-Kathryn Lowell October 31, 2013 at 8:50 pm #
    Don't try to impress to the point that you lose yourself. Just be you and they will eventually accept you. Its not so important to be impressing but building a good relationship with your subordinates which takes time. A good boss is one who listens to his employees, who is easy going but at the same time stern because you dont want to be everybody's friend and before you know it they are walking all over you and the job is not done. So just be reasonable and fair to everyone don't show favouratism. Also what helps is to have an occasional get together probably on a friday after work go out get drinks with your workers have fun and thats cool. Dont stress everything takes time. Good luck