12 February, 2014

Construction Supervisor

I am about to be promoted this week as a Finance Supervisor and the turn out of the events are so quick I just don't know what to do or the expect from that job. I'm absolutely clueless. I will be oriented anytime this week and I know deep inside of me that the job ahead of me is like a huge mountain to climb. What I found out was – 1. A Finance Supervisor has to supervise the activities in the Finance Department.

2. The Finance Departments in a construction are concerned with: I. Arranging finance for the company for its construction activities, including purchase of land. Ii. Arranging credit purchases from suppliers, and making timely payments to them. Iii. Ensuring that instalments of payments from the purchasers of the accommodation are being received in a timely manner. Duties of a Supervisor in General: ——————————————— -Being Involved in Office and Employee Policies An integral part of the supervisor responsibilities is to ascertain that the employees follow office policies and procedures in a disciplined manner. -Taking Care of Employee Needs An important facet of the supervisor job description is that he/she has to be vigilant enough to understand the needs of employees in the office and must make arrangements to ensure that the employees can work with comfort and ease. -Training the Employee The supervisors in collaboration with the human resource department helps the new employees in training them about the working habits and the office culture. The supervisor also acts as a counselor in guiding the employees about the future growth of the employee and about improving their skills. Read more at Buzzle: .

Excellent experience in construction site management. Can handle complete civil or construction project with complete efficiency. Has more than 6 years of Mi. . .

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