22 December, 2013

Floor Installation

My place has a hallway connects with a master bedroom (one end of hallway) and two small bedrooms (another end of hallway). Installing hardwood floor in the same direction gives little visual impact. I read that making diagonal installation would make the room look larger. But will it be good for small rooms? I need any good ideas on hardwood floor installation directions on master bedroom, two small bedrooms, and the hallway. Well, I've your answer right here. To do it correctly, you have no choice but to run your hardwood perpendicular to the floor joists. If you don t you can actually develop dips in between the joists and this might be very noticeable. Not only void any warranty the wood my come with since I ll presume your doing a prefinished hardwood. Doing hard wood on a diagonal is an argument no one wins. Some makers say its okay and any would cover a warranty on the wood, check it out. Other wise always do it perpendicular to the joists. Any questions you can email me through my avatar . GL

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  1. Paulina Hall December 21, 2013 at 1:23 am #
    The direction of the wood varies from installation to installation as the sizes also vary. I would suggest you invest in 1 carton of the wood you want to install and lay it out in all directions to get an idea of what looks best for you. You could also purchase a piece of inexpensive vinyl flooring with a wood grain pattern and use it the same way -in all directions to see what looks best.
  2. Terry Hall December 21, 2013 at 2:28 am #
    Installing the floor in a diagonal pattern is visually appealing but there's a lot more waste involved. You need to calculate 5%-8% in waste for straight regular installation but you will need to go 15%-20% with a diagonal pattern. That's why you don't see it to often. You don't want to run the flooring width-wise down a hallway, it looks funny and again there's more waste. Remember your flooring planks are going to run between 3' and 7'. Whats an average hallway? If you've a bedroom at the end of the hallway, don't you think it would look nice to run seamlessly into it? Running the flooring length-wise down the hallway will make you eye look down>>>the hall right into the bedroom. Don't forget to leave a 1/4" expansion gap around the rooms. Hardwood flooring likes to expand and contract,so research the species as well. Good luck with it.