26 April, 2014

Floor Installation

Going to install hardwood in 2 rooms and a hallway in my house, totaling 500 Sq Ft. I am stuck between deciding what width wood to get, with 2. 25" width costing 1/2 of what 4. 75" width costs. My question is, is 4. 75" width hardwood considerably less work to install than 2. 25" width? In a 15' wide room, it is 37 planks wide for 4. 75" vs. 80 planks for 2. 25" I'm not sold on the particular look of either yet. Id be just as happy with either width from that standpoint, but I am concerned that cutting and laying down twice as many solid hardwood boards is going to be twice the amount of work and take twice the time. . Duke, when you say it will save "some" time, can yo be more specific. Will it save enough time to make it worth double the cost of the wood? Again, I am not concerned about the look of wide vs less wide with this question. I am only concerned with the specifics of comparing the ease of installation for each width. Today I found out that… Wider stock doesn't necessarily mean a faster install. If, the mill work is no good, you'll struggle to assemble them. With narrow strips, it doesn't take that much force to bang them tight together. If, you're purchasing quality material, the wider width will be faster. If, you're not consistent with what you do, then it's not money well spent, unless you wanted the wide stock look. If, you're not a flooring professional and looks are not important. Why spend extra money, it will probably take you the same amount of time. 500 sq. Ft. Can be laid in 2 days or less if, you're a pro. DIY-er's may take up to 3 days or more, depending how much their backs and knees can handle. If, you're installing unfinished flooring, use the money you saved, to purchase a high quality wood floor finish. If, you would like to reduce down time on cutting material. Set-up your saws nearby and cut more than 1 piece. This will reduce the amount of time you travel to the saw, which eats up time. Traveling a distance of 8 ft verses 50 feet will save you time. Good luck on your decision,

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  1. Grace RR April 22, 2014 at 7:23 pm #
    The last 6 hardwood flooring installations I have done have been the wider plank. I showed both to the prospective clients and they liked the wider and chose it. There is a larger variety of species and pattern these days. Yes, it would save you time and be more conducive to trim, etc. Rent a Bostitch floor stapler, have someone help you by cutting when you get to ends, and watch that you keep the seams so that none line up horizontally and you can do the rooms in non time.