3 October, 2013

General Construction

I want to start my own construction company with 2-3 employees. I want to know what kind of insurance I will need for this kind of work. General construction work will be performed such as interior remodeling and masonry work such as brickwork, chimney repair, and tuckpointing. Well, I have your answer. I suppose General Liability insurance. And if you have any work vehicles, maybe a Business Auto policy. And if you have employees, probably some Workers' Compensation coverage. You will probably also need first party property coverage for your tools and equipment in case they get stolen.

All American General Construction LLC licensed and insured is located in Elizabeth, New Jersey, serving tri-state area.

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  1. Wizard Jackson63 September 30, 2013 at 2:20 am #
    General liability, and workers compensation at the very least. To work as a subcontractor for most larger contractors, you'd also need umbrella liability coverage and commercial auto coverage. Coverage for YOUR tools and property is optional. When you get into government work or larger jobs, you'd also require bonding, but you're a long ways from that. Be prepared - many, many new contracting firms don't keep their policies in force a full year - so most carriers will require a NEW company to pay in full for the year. Plus, GL and WC policies are AUDITABLE at the end of the year, in case you underestimated your actual receipts/payrolls.