3 February, 2014

General Construction

I've tried to get work the traditional way to no avail. So recently I started standing by Home Depot with the Mexicans and Guatemalans, but that is also starting to prove fruitless. I constantly get harassed by the police. I tell them I'm white, but they don't believe me. They even tried to say my ID was fake at one point. Standing out in the sun all day doesn't help. Although, I do have an awesome tan now. Then the other day I took off my shirt because the farmers tan was becoming overbearing. I kept trying to take what I thought was my white t-shirt off. When I'm half asleep and delusional I'm quite persistent. I wound up tearing at my skin and it hurt like hell. Well, anyway, I started getting men asking me for a different kind of "service", which was quite unsettling. Any of you have an idea for me? I'm up for almost anything at this point. Bloomfield, NJ. What I found out was – I'll tell you a little story. I wanted, more than anything, to be a carpenter, but I had a great deal to learn about the trade. Jobs were not available, anywhere, so this is what I did: I went to a construction site where there were two men building a custom house. I asked to speak to the boss, and did. I said to him: " I want to learn to be a carpenter. I want to make you an offer. " ( he seemed leery ) So I went on: " I will show up to work all day, on time, and I'll work my butt off. I'll do what I'm told, I'll bring my own tools, and I'll clean up at the end of the day, and I will work for you for FREE. " In return, I want you to teach me to be a carpenter, a good one. At the end of two weeks, if you like my work, you hire me, if not, I'll walk away. " I worked for him for two weeks, all day, long days, and I worked my ass off. I listened to him, did what I was told, and talked to him about how to do the jobs he assigned. At the end of two weeks, he hired me. He said: "I figured you were just full of crap, but you have shown me what you can do. I'll pay you $10 an hour to work for me. ( That was Florida and 1985 when minimum wage was $3. 15 an hour ) I worked for him foryears after that, we became close, and when I moved away he was truly disappointed. I moved to Michigan in 1989, and based on the lessons he taught me, I passed the State test and got my own General Contractor's License. It cost me 2 weeks of work for free, but it paid off in gold. I'm not saying you should do exactly what I did, times are different now. What I am saying, is don't be afraid to be different, offer something of yourself, try new approaches, and if you believe in yourself, show the employer what you aren willing to do to get a job. Any Contractor with a serious ethic will look at you differently than a bunch of illegals looking for nothing but a hand out. Show the boss who you are, what you can do, and that yo are a serious employee, and you'll have a job for many years to come. Good Luck

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