23 September, 2013

General Construction

This particular General Construction and Landscaping Contractor ONLY hires undocumented, "illegal" immigrants. (assuming because they will accept working longer hours, one quarter of the wages, etc). He will not/does not hire skilled, qualified, United States Citizens. – Labor Board ? – Issue-er of his Contractors License ? – INS ? – Boarder Patrol ? – State of California. – Riverside County. – City Palm Springs. – City of Palm Desert. Do you know what I found? Call I. C. E. I'mmigration & custom enforcement. If you don't see any action, call your local paper and local radio station, make some noise.

Made using Final Cut Pro 5 in Digital media at Delcastle Media created by Emily Rivera and I.

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  1. Wizard Jeffs September 22, 2013 at 12:18 am #
    Go any where where no one has to hear you.