27 August, 2015

Get a Home Inspection Done Before Selling Your Property

Once you have decided to sell your residential property in Kelowna you should get a home inspection done. You may think that it is unnecessary to do so as the buyer would, in all probability, appoint his own West Kelowna home inspector. But it is essential to carry out this exercise as it will enable you to complete the repair work which is required before you put up your home for sale.

Home Inspector
If you do not get a home inspection conducted there is a good possibility that you could get a sale price which is much lower than the market value. This would happen when the buyer’s home inspection company conducts an inspection and finds flaws which you were unaware of. In fact, if the findings are of a serious nature, your entire sale transaction could be jeopardized.

When you get a home inspection done of your Kelowna property prior to its sale, the inspector may find that there are damp patches on some walls or he may discover that some of the faucets leak and are in need of replacement. In such a situation some home owners would decide to let the new owner carry out the repairs and deduct the estimated expenses from the sale price.

While this is a convenient solution, it is one which could result in you losing a lot of money. This is because the amount that a buyer would reduce from his offer price would be much more that what it would cost you to carry out the repairs. You can get a fair price for your home by arranging for the required repairs before showing the property to the prospective buyer. Getting a home inspection done of your residential property in Kelowna before you sell it, is worthwhile for this reason alone.

A pre-sale home inspection of your Kelowna residential property could also serve to highlight any major refurbishment or upgrading that you have carried out. The home inspection report will serve as a certification of the expenses that you have incurred and the resultant improvements. This could raise the price that the buyer is willing to pay. At the very least, it will convince the buyer of your bona fide intentions

If you use a reputed and qualified Kelowna home inspection agency to prepare a report for your residential property in Kelowna, the buyer’s confidence will get a boost and your sale transaction will proceed smoothly. It will also help you to get the best possible price for your home.

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