9 September, 2013

Industrial Construction

I need to propose an idea regarding a mechanical mechanism that can be designed in multiple ways(e. G chain, belt or gear etc) to accomplish the same thing. Its like, I have to propose 5 different design for the same purpose. The device can be for any purpose (e. G marine, industrial, construction etc). Any mechanical device is welcomed as suggestion. It would be helpful if you guys can think little bit for me. Thanks. I was happy to learn… Some good Mechanical Engineering projects are here, you can make a try,

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  1. Ursula Nguyen September 8, 2013 at 3:32 am #
    How about a mechanism that chases a part moving at a constant speed on a conveyor belt and attaches another part to it? It's very common in production machinery, and could be accomplished with a straight-line linkage, a cam and follower, an air cylinder, a hydraulic cylinder, a robot, or a solenoid. This is given as an example of the "type synthesis" stage of the design process in the first chapter of the machine design textbook I used in school. Will you be taking the project through the whole design process? I. E. After proposing the 5 design concepts, will you select the best one and go through detailed design, analysis, and prototyping? That's pretty typical for a final year project. All of the potential solutions mentioned above have distinct advantages and disadvantages, and really any of them would be feasible to actually prototype, or at least carry through detailed design. A robot solution would really only be practical if your school has access to an industrial robot, and would be more of an exercise in programming than mechanical design. This is just one example, but there are thousands of other design problems with multiple solutions. In fact, virtually all design problem has multiple solutions. The trick is picking a problem that doesn't have a single type of mechanism that is clearly the best for the job. Production machinery is very interesting and presents many problems that can be solved in many ways.