16 November, 2013

Journeyman Carpenter

I'm a young ticketed journeyman carpenter in Victoria BC looking for overseas work. I really would love to travel and experience some new cultures and learn new things about my trade. I was wondering if anyone know of anywhere one could begin looking for such work, or if its even really possible to find. I have heard of Canadians going to Japan and Russia to build houses. . Also have heard of workers going to Bermuda and the Caribbean. Any info would be great. Thanks. I was so happy to find this — Russia? No kidding. Carpenters are the same almost everywhere unless you have some specific skills that are on demand. I'm from Russia and I'm not sure you will want to go there and work for $200-600/month as a carpenter. Japan? Yes, but it's better to go there for your company not as an individual. I do t know about other countries, but I'd not say this job requires a lot of traveling.

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