1 February, 2014


I am painting my honda civic a darker silver. How much paint will it take to repaint all of it? And how much should I expect to be paying for the G35 dark silver paint? Unsure of the exact paint code at this moment. Wheres a good site to look up paint codes? Any suggestions best places to buy paint? Internet or local? Thanks I have experience spraying clearcoats and prhymers and do plenty of hands on work. Not concerned about the spraying, just the questions I asked above. Thanks. I was happy to learn… If you dont know the answer to that. . Dont paint your own car. Trust me. . Ive painted garden fences and mona lisa's . And then I painted my Bmw. Needless to say, it came out pretty bad. . (there were just so many areas where it went rong. . ) and the amount of money I spent on the paint for my car and then gettin it done by a pro was way too much. I'm pretty sure you will go do it anyway because your skills maybe better than mine but I've studied art for god sakes. (i no. Gay subject). . I thought my painting skills would be at a very high standard. . Nope **** oh then my guess is going to be at least 3qts. . I suggest you go down to halfords and check out the paints they have there. Its much easier because I went through this online and there is not really any good sites. .

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  1. Daytona XXX927 January 29, 2014 at 12:04 am #
    Buy local in case you need tech help. Should take about a quart, but can verify when you go to buy the paint. Also buy quality paint as the work is in the preparation.