4 March, 2014

Project Funding

For my Eagle Project, I plan to get affordable MP3 for the elderly. In the music players, I want to store old music. Which companies will be willing to fund this type of project? Do you know how "willing" the companies will be (such as amount of money, discounts on their products)? I thought about SanDisk, BestBuy, Google, etc. Do you know what I found? Eagle Projects aren't about buying things for people. You should be doing a service or building something for your community. Buying music players and loading them exhibits your skills as a Scout how? Try building a pavilion where people in your community can congregate out of the weather. How about fixing something the city refuses to, or building a wheelchair ramp for a local shopping center? Building something shows that you've character and care about your neighbors and that's what you'll need when you go in front of the council.

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