14 March, 2014

Project Funding

I want to build something that's pretty advance and after doing my research knowledge is really the problem its money. I need about 2000 dollars more less but I 'm not sure what to do I have searched my local community college for help and they don't have the equipment I need to build this. Please I need any advice that can be provided. If I do this though I am sure I can get a scholarship that's worth much more than the funding. There just doesn't seem to much in the internet for someone in high school. Thank you in advance. What I found out was – You can approach local businesses to sponsor your project for advertising space at your display and perhaps for you wearing their T-shirts while presenting. You can also check with government services to see if there's any funding available. Perhaps a local Italian restaurant would like to sponsor the spaghetti sauce vomitting volcano or the local flying pizzeria would sponsor a project on UFO's. The local drycleaner may wish to sponsor a project on the chemistry of cleaning. Maybe a courier service will sponsor a project on quantum teleportation etc.

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