3 October, 2013

Project Funding

I was wondering if anybody had any positive and/or negative opinions on organizations such as The Water Project funding overseas water schemes as opposed to aiding the unfortunate closer to home (e. G. Homeless charities in MEDCs). And so today I found out that… Even though The Water Project is providing people safe clean drinking and bathing water that, essentially, is keeping them alive, the organization is sometimes taking money from the tax payer that we need to keep ourselves out of debt. I am a single mother and juggle three jobs to sustain a quality life for three children and I have just had a letter from the government saying that I will have to pay more taxes. I rang the number on the letter and tried to tell the person (after all of the automated people) that my benefits are being cut at the same time of the taxes increasing and I can't manage this. Thankfully, the man at the end of the phone was friendly enough to try and explain why they were increasing instead of doing what they normally do which is basically say "just deal with it" and began to talk about the development budget. He informed that the development budget is the money that the government send overseas to funds such as The Water Project to enable LEDCs to have better quality rights etc. I do believe that the more 'well-to-do' countries should have an input towards the more suffering citizens of other countries as we are all part of the same human race, but I think because we are run by a government and leaders they should manage that from their wage packet – not mine. I struggle day in and day out to give my children a good life and a good upbringing and all of my efforts vanish when the government send their tax bills through the letterbox. I carry the weight of my children's so-far-so-good lives on my shoulders and if the taxes continue to rise I will eventually fall to my knees. The development fund is astounding but I shouldn't have to hand over my money to people when I need it just as much as them.?

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