14 June, 2014

Project Management

How important to bring a project in on time, cost and scope? Explain the definition of success in project management. After looking around, I learned — Project Management is a discipline of planning, organizing, and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives. Projects have a specific start and end date. Time, cost and scope are important BECAUSE projects are finite. Success is determined by these factors. Successful project management is undertaken when you simplify teamwork and eliminate guess work and simultaneously complete the job on time, within the cost and also manage to broaden the scope of the project. To do this you may take the help of certain project management tools. Google Docs is one application that might be doubled up for project management. The drawbacks with it are that its not interactive at all. There are some other professional project management tools as well (which are web based and not too expensive). There is BaseCamp (which still seems ridiculously expensive to me)… There is also Zoho () on one hand and there is Deskaway () on the other. Both are relatively similar with respect to price (both are probably 2 of the cheapest tools around). Zoho has a great suite of services and an extremely cool ‘work is fun’ kind of brand but I dont particularly like their project collaboration tool in terms of functionality. Their CRM tool is fantastic. With respect to Project Collaboration Tools I think Deskaway is the best I have come across so far in terms of price, interface, features, performance etc.

I need this inside me.

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  1. Karen Nguyen785 June 13, 2014 at 1:51 am #
    Project management is a process which provides full transparency and control over projects. It facilitates managers and team members to do online project management, time tracking, project planning, task assigning, updating and tracking work updates efficiently.