22 February, 2014

Quality Control

How can I improve/receive more self-control in my life. From what I can tell… Self-control means to control yourself basically. Do things that are in your control, don't go out of the limit. Self-control means controlling your emotions, desires, and your behaviour. You can do it when you know you might be making a mistake or causing harm to others. You can stop yourself from making ignorant mistakes, or when you are intending to do something stupid to hurt others or whatever it is. For example having self-control over food means to not indulge too much of it making yourself vomit or become bloated if you will.

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  1. A. Camry February 17, 2014 at 3:31 am #
    Self-control is having the ability to control your action, thoughts, and emotions to avoid punishment or to gain reward. Self control is used to achieve goals and reduce impulses. You can improve your self control is my improving stability in your life. It's important to have stable emotions and a stable mind. Mental stability goes hand in hand with happiness. You notice that you make better decisions when you're in a positive state of mind.