15 April, 2014

Residential Construction

Is anyone familiar with time frame to complete various construction procedures in homes? For example the standard time for re-plumbing a home is 8 hrs ???? Not sure if there are books that show production rate. Thank You. I think I found an answer. Every trade has bidding or estimating programs available with the units broken down by footage ie: Running a 4" sewer line would cost $$$$ per foot. These programs consider time and materials. When you say "re pluming" there are a lot more variables than new construction that does not have obstacles in the way – like sheet rock and electrical. A general contractor who is familiar with scheduling remodel jobs in your area (this does make a difference – I've watched an electrician who was the only game in town drag a job out). I personally would not hard bid a remodel because of the unknown or bid it high to cover my butt.

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  1. Mindi April 12, 2014 at 11:51 am #
    My husband used to build residential houses for a living. I could ask him any questions you have. I do believe it depends on how big the house is. How many square feet, 1 story or 2 etc. I don't know if an entire house could be re-plumed in only 8 hrs. I suppose if it was a small house. . .