7 October, 2013

Restoration And Remodeling

I've been assigned to remodel an 800 sq ft apartment after a fire. The inside has been completely gutted. All the contents destroyed including appliances, cabinets, and drywall. The fire did not get through the drywall, so no wall studs or ceiling joists are damaged. We have already cleaned the apt, pulling all drywall, ceilings and walls, stripped cabinets, shower, doors, ect. The apt is now like new construction. What is a fair price to charge realtor for the demolition and cleanup, and for the complete remodeling of the interior. All material will be provided by realtor. Remodeling will include installing new drywall, tape and texture, shower enclosure, toilet, water heater, 3 windows, doors, flooring, cabinets, painting ,ect. I'm just looking for ballpark pricing, just something to start with. Thanks How does a fire restoration company know how much to charge, also there was no insurance on the property, but the property is bought and paid for. Well, I have your answer. Yes what you are describing is a lot of work. Most insurance companies have a computer estimating program that they use to determine the material and labor costs of fire restoration. You wouldn't believe the detail that goes into figuring replacement costs of items that most people wouldn't think of. Anyway. . I would, if you are just looking for a ballpark, start by figuring what your time is worth. Are you doing this by yourself, or are there other workers that will need to be paid? Alot of these type of jobs are figured by what they call Time and Material estimating. The person paying for the work knows that he is paying for all the materials already, and then they are told who is involved with the work process and what they make on an hourly or weekly basis. I know all this still doesn't give you a ballpark estimate of what to charge. You have to realize that there are a lot of factors involved. An 800 sq ft apartment could include cathedral ceilings, high dollar appliances, etc. I guess to just get to the point, I would say that it might take you maybe 2-3 weeks (just a guess-timate) and say the prevailing general laborer wage in your area is $600 per week. I'd start with that and add an extra week to finish (because something always comes up that you don't count on.) and figure the average pay for two more people. Total all that up and add a little bit to it. In the end, you might go home with a few dollars in your pocket. All that I've said is based on the assumption that you are doing the work yourself. I wouldn't stake my survival on these price estimates. I have been doing this sort of thing for a long time and I still will not give an estimate to someone without seeing the location first. It isn't fair to the owner or to me. I hope you have some experience in remodeling if you are undertaking this. But I would think that if you did, you'd already have an idea of how to estimate your labor costs. If you really, really want to get down to it, make a list and email me and I 'll see if I can beak some of it down for you. But if your already into this, well, good luck. After this, you'll either have a handle on the business. . Or never do another one.

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  1. Florida Jeffs October 6, 2013 at 10:40 pm #
    Well, I am not sure, but my hubby always goes with whatever the materials cost, he charges the same for labor. . . However, what you have discribed is a lot of work, I would stick with an hourly rate. . . Good Luck with that. . .