18 March, 2014

Rough Carpenter

I'm 19 years and I've always loved working with my hands. Not many jobs interest me but I would really like to get into a trade. I just can't decide between wanting to be an hvac tech, a residential carpenter( rough & finish), or an electrician (residential/inside wireman). I would love to learn all 3 because they all really interest me but I just cannot decide. Can anyone help me out here. I was happy to learn… It kind of sounds like being a General Contractor is right up your alley. Personally I'm HVAC certified, a master carpenter, master plumber, master electrician, and an ASE certified auto mechanic, and my job right now isn't actually any of those. (the military pays for certification exams) If you really don't know what you want to do with the rest of your life, sometimes it's a good idea to take a job you don't mind while you decide what you want to do, which is why I joined the military, but my route isn't for everyone. Some people like to travel a bit before the rest of their lives, and some just would rather jump into higher education, even if unsure about you're goals. When it comes to life decisions, take your time and be honest with yourself, eventually, you'll make the right choice for you. As far as money, trade skills are in high demand right now, and you could probably support a stay at home mom and a few kids without many worries with a trade skill job in the current economy.

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  1. Florida March 17, 2014 at 12:05 am #
    Go with your gut. Pick witch one you like the best and go for it