2 March, 2016

How to Find a Quality Contractor

Finding quality Kelowna Contractors renovations can take a great deal of time and effort. Any searching for a contractor must be fully aware of the kind of services that are right for their needs. A contractor can help people do all kinds of important things in their house to make that house more functional and even prepare it for sale. The user may have need of a contractor to make sure the enlargement of a bathroom proceeds on time and correctly. A homeowner may also have need of a contractor who can provide them with more services such as the construction of an entirely new house. The right kind of contractor can help the owner make sure the project is done in accordance with all necessary standards and building codes.

The Right Contractor

In general, a good Kelowna contractor will meet multiple criteria once you contact them directly. A quality contractor will be someone who has a long history of satisfied clients and work that has stood the test of time. The contractor should be able to provide any potential client with evidence of projects they have completed well. A good contractor will also be able to show anyone who is going to hire them that they can complete a project on time and on budget. The contractor should also have a list of people who are satisfied with their work and can provide evidence of their ability to supervise a project. You should be able to speak with potential references if possible before you consider hiring them to do a job for you.

Other Qualities Necessary

The right kind of contractor should also be able to show that they can work with others. In many instances, a contractor will have a team of skilled workers who can assist with the completion of the project. Many contractors are able to bring in a team with them of skilled craftsmen who know how to accomplish all kinds of specialty work. For example, if you need specialized tile installed properly, a quality contractor should have someone on hand who can do this work for you and do it within a certain time. The contractor’s team will consist of people who have been vetted closely and have the skills necessary to complete your project on time and under budget. A contractor will know how to motivate a team even further to make sure they do the kind of quality work you need to have in your home.

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5 December, 2015

What Does a Mortgage Broker Do?

In everyone’s life, there are some important main events happening. For some of them you will need to be assisted and helped by a trained professional. One of these events is becoming a homeowner. To do so, you will probably need to get a mortgage and the person who you need by your side, will be the mortgage broker.

If you’re looking to buy a house in Kelowna, get all the information about the best Kelowna mortgage brokers and then choose somebody you can trust and rely on when things get though.

What does a mortgage broker do?

A mortgage broker is a self-employed licensed professional that works in the real estate financing. They are hired by buyers who need assistance and help when trying to obtain credit. Practically, what a mortgage broker does is to get all the information about lenders, get all the details from you (about your credit score and history), find the suitable financing, negotiate and obtain the credit for you. They do all the legwork so that you won’t have to.

Why use one?

When looking to buy a property you have other issues to focus on. One of the perks of hiring a mortgage broker is that they will carry the burden of getting all the information you need and then putting it all together to find the perfect solution for you.

When you work with a broker instead of going directly to a bank, you will have more than one option. They will shop around and discover the best deal for you. Plus they will explain everything to you, including the bank jargon you would probably not understand.

The best part of it all is that you get a personalized offer without all the hassle.

How do you choose them?

Finding a good mortgage broker is mandatory. That is why the most difficult part is the search. But we can help you with a few tips.

First thing first, you can ask friends and colleagues for recommendations or do your own research using the internet. If you find special deals, ask them about the conditions. Beware of the deals that seem too good to be true. They usually aren’t.

When you finally find someone, make sure you feel comfortable with that person. In the end, you will trust them with a critical task. Talk to them and ask them questions to see how good they are with explaining and how much you can understand from what was said.

It’s important to find a broker you feel that you can trust. Good communication is always the key. After all, you want the best Kelowna mortgage rates available.

So, before becoming a homeowner make sure you have a reliable mortgage broker by your side to ease your worries. At Rampone-Marsh, we work only with highly skilled and trained specialists so that you can get a fantastic deal and manage to buy your dream house in Kelowna.

27 August, 2015

Get a Home Inspection Done Before Selling Your Property

Once you have decided to sell your residential property in Kelowna you should get a home inspection done. You may think that it is unnecessary to do so as the buyer would, in all probability, appoint his own West Kelowna home inspector. But it is essential to carry out this exercise as it will enable you to complete the repair work which is required before you put up your home for sale.

Home Inspector
If you do not get a home inspection conducted there is a good possibility that you could get a sale price which is much lower than the market value. This would happen when the buyer’s home inspection company conducts an inspection and finds flaws which you were unaware of. In fact, if the findings are of a serious nature, your entire sale transaction could be jeopardized.

When you get a home inspection done of your Kelowna property prior to its sale, the inspector may find that there are damp patches on some walls or he may discover that some of the faucets leak and are in need of replacement. In such a situation some home owners would decide to let the new owner carry out the repairs and deduct the estimated expenses from the sale price.

While this is a convenient solution, it is one which could result in you losing a lot of money. This is because the amount that a buyer would reduce from his offer price would be much more that what it would cost you to carry out the repairs. You can get a fair price for your home by arranging for the required repairs before showing the property to the prospective buyer. Getting a home inspection done of your residential property in Kelowna before you sell it, is worthwhile for this reason alone.

A pre-sale home inspection of your Kelowna residential property could also serve to highlight any major refurbishment or upgrading that you have carried out. The home inspection report will serve as a certification of the expenses that you have incurred and the resultant improvements. This could raise the price that the buyer is willing to pay. At the very least, it will convince the buyer of your bona fide intentions

If you use a reputed and qualified Kelowna home inspection agency to prepare a report for your residential property in Kelowna, the buyer’s confidence will get a boost and your sale transaction will proceed smoothly. It will also help you to get the best possible price for your home.

10 December, 2014

Choosing Hardwood Flooring Colours

premiumhardwood.caExotic hardwood comes in many beautiful shades and tones. But choosing the right color to complement your home can be a daunting task; there are so many choices! When selecting a color for your hardwood flooring, be creative as well as mindful of other colors in your home.

Choose Complementary Colors

If your walls are dark, avoid choosing a wood of the same hue because this can make the room seem smaller and depressing. Instead, choose a lighter wood like Ipe to offset the dark walls. Conversely, if your walls are lighter in color, pick a deep wood, like Red Balau Batu. These deep colored woods lend an elegant feel to any room.

For rooms with lowered ceilings go with a lighter colored wood in order to make the room feel bigger and brighter. Avoid matching the floor to the walls. Remember: dark flooring and lighter walls work well together instead of both walls being the same color.

Work With Samples

Get some samples of different shades and textures of exotic hardwood to try them out in your home before making a decision. Hold the sample up to the walls, furniture and base boards to make sure that the colors don’t clash. Look at the wood samples in different types of light like night and daytime as well as under artificial lighting.

Get Creative

Play around with patterns and colors! If the flooring is the central part of the room, try redder tones in order to make a bold statement. If your style is more traditional, choose a medium brown colored wood like Yellow Balau Batu so it will balance out other colors.

Choose a Quality Hardwood

Premium Hardwood Canada has a few exotic hardwood options that are perfect for your new floor.

  • Red Balau Batu is a mahogany color with a tight grain pattern that is pleasing to the eye.
  • Yellow Balau Batu’scolor ranges from a yellow-brown to a purplish-brown, made even more elegant with striking red undertones. It has a fine texture with medium, interlocking grains.
  • Ipe Hardwood from South America boasts an olive brown hue with either an irregular or straight grain pattern. Its texture may appear oily and fine ripple marks can be found on the wood.
  • Meranti, from Southeast Asia, is brownish in color with a coarse texture and interlocking grains.

The most important thing to remember when choosing an exotic hardwood color is to complement the room and pull from your creativity to create your dream home! There are many colors, grain patterns and shades to choose from so what are you waiting for? Visit Premium Hardwood Canada today.

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