22 February, 2014

Quality Control

How can I improve/receive more self-control in my life. From what I can tell… Self-control means to control yourself basically. Do things that are in your control, don't go out of the limit. Self-control means controlling your emotions, desires, and your behaviour. You can do it when you know you might be making a mistake or causing harm to others. You can stop yourself from making ignorant mistakes, or when you are intending to do something stupid to hurt others or whatever it is. For example having self-control over food means to not indulge too much of it making yourself vomit or become bloated if you will.

20 February, 2014

Water Treatment Systems Installation

Do most people install water softeners by themselves of hire someone. Around how much would installation cost? I have 5 people but we dont use TOO much water. How big does mine have to be? How many grains or whatever it is. From what I can tell… What is done is this. For example, you would take a sample of water in a clean glass jar to Sears, then they would test it on the spot and tell you the grain size based on Water Hardness and household size. That is done for Free. On installation, Noting to it. Just break into the cold line almost anywhere. There is an installation "bypass" you buy at like Sears. Install that and it hooks directly to your water softner. You can buy a watersoftner also at Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, Menards and a lot of other places. I think Walmart has best price. Dont forget the salt. And dont forget if you have a high blood pressure problem, your watersoftner is a "replacement process" in that the Zeolite crystals load up with Sodium, the salt, and exchange that with the Calcium in the water passing that sodium onto the kitchen tap. That is how that works. So in my house, I have a separate line run right from the well to a special cold water faucet right on the kitchen sink to eleminate that sodium which is a problem for the family.

"Moving from the City to the Country" Installing the heat. This is the 2nd. . .

20 February, 2014

Rough Carpenter

I know there are renovation carpenters, rough carpenters and a few others, but what are any others. What I found out was – As far as pay scales go, there are Non-union, Apprentice, Journeyman, Foreman, Residential, Commercial, and Highway-Heavy pay scales. Rough framing, Exterior Finish [incl. Siders and roofers], Interior Finish [trim], Furniture/Cabinetmakers, Forming [for concrete], Scaffold Erectors [industrial or bridges], Drywall Hangers [in our area this was taken over by the painters] There are also carpenters in the shipping industry, but not in the traditional sense. They are more of a construction engineer.

19 February, 2014

Precision Block Cutting

I am fairly new at installing crown molding. I am doing crown in a small office with 125 deg. Sloped ceiling and at the ridge it levels off 9" horizontally instead of coming to a point. I used crown blocks at the base of the slopes to eliminate transition pieces and simplify the project. I calculated all my angles for cutting but my problem is the length. The distance of the four piece that run the slope between the block and the ridge piece is 6'-6". I mark the distance on the top of the crown, then flip and reverse the piece so the top of the crown is resting on the miter saw base. Now my length mark is on the bottom & I cannot line up my blade for a precision cut. How is this done. Today I found out that… I've had the very same problem before the easiest way is to make a jig. I'm not talking about a standard jig that holds the crown molding in place but a jig in the shape of a equilateral triangle because the wall of the jig must hit the saw fence at a 45 degrees angle. There are many ways you can make the jig but you should make it as tall as your miter saw will allow. You will have to clamp the jig to the fence and to the table of the miter saw if necessary (depending on how big you make the jig) . You could use a piece of wood 1×10 cut at 45 degrees this piece would lay flat on the table area of your miter saw then you will have to nail a another piece if 1x perpendicular to the 1×10 cut at 45 degrees nail a For long piece set up something behind you or get any one to hold the molding while you cut it. See the flickr crown molding image for a simple diagram. I hope this helps I'm a finish carpenter in Richmond Va. PS check the jlc online forums for better information on this .