7 September, 2013

Floor Installation

Hardware floor installation -what involved and cost? Would often have good quality hardwood floor (not laminate) installed over top of tiled floor (I understand this would have to be glued?) what would it cost for the hardwood plus the installation? Thanks Karim Located in Vancouver BC Canada. From what I can tell… I would not glue a hardwood floor down. Do it the right way and tear out the tile that is there and then nail down the hardwood to the subfloor. You will get a lot better finish and it will last a lot longer. Install mostly cost between 4 and 5 dollars a square foot. Save yourself any money if you are going to have a contractor do it and tear out the tile yourself.

100 square foot installation of penny flooring by Mindful Design. For step by step information, visit www. MindfulDesignReno. Com/blog.