15 January, 2014

Air Compressors

The newer 80 gallon tank air compressors at the big box home centers are coming with a "bucket-level" drain on the side with a sticker that says something like, "Easier maintenance. No need to reach under the tank to drain. " How does this type of drain work to eliminate the water that usually would flow out the bottom drain, or does it even work. Well, I've your answer. There is a tubing running from the drain on the sie of the tank down to the bottom of the tank, when you open the valve, the condensate is forced up the tube and out. It uses the same principle as a garden sprayer using the air pressure to force the liquid up the tube. If the dip tube is placed in the tank correctly, it will work very good, if the tube is placed outside of the collection area, or too far from the bottom, it will not drain effectively

This reciprocating compressor video is a small sample of the mechanical engineering training on the air compressor. How to training soft. . .

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  1. Mrs January 13, 2014 at 12:15 am #
    I would imagine there is tubing on the back of the valve that reaches the bottom of the tank. Air pressure would force any moisture through the tubing and out the valve.