9 March, 2014

Air Compressors

Also, can someone describe for me (in layman's terms) the difference between single-, two-, and multi-staged reciprocating compressors. Basically… Air compressors are made of a variety of materials depending on the application, pressures, and volume needed. Small light duty air compressors can have pistons made of plastic while larger air compressors use pistons or screws made of steel, aluminum, or cast iron. A single stage compressor will compress the air to the desired pressure in one step. Multi-stage compressors will compress the air to intermediate pressures in 2 or more steps before the final desired pressure is reached. This allows for higher pressures to be reached, but can limit the flow rate of the air.

Discussion on criteria for selecting the correct air compressor for home or industrial use. Covers tank size, pressure, pumps, motors and duty-cycles of comp. . .

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  1. TuffGirl Lowell March 8, 2014 at 12:49 am #
    They can be cast iron, or aluminum with a cast iron cylinder sleeve. The number of stages is determined by how many pistons there are. A two stage compressor will initially compress a volume of air and it will flow into a smaller cylinder for further compression. Mainly two stage compressors can reach higher pressures but at smaller CFM.