14 October, 2013

Air Compressors

First, what is the advantage of air-powered tools over electric powered tools? I have used air tools before. . Just wondering about any specific advantages. Second, do most (or all) air compressors allow the operator to regulate output pressure? Let's say the compressor advertises a maximum of 150 psi, but I don't want more than 90 psi. Thanks in advance. Well, I have your answer. Typically air powered tools are more powerful than their electric counterparts, and cheaper. Air is also much better for "impact" driven applications such as an air impact wrench, air hammer, air chisel, etc, its hard to make a hard reciprocating motion with an electric drive and have it last. Air tools also last virtually forever if they're kept oiled, and can be rebuilt easily, ussually its just seals to be replaced etc. Most air compressors do not have a regulator built in, but you typically get an air/water seperator and regulator to attach directly to the outlet of the compressor and then run your hose from there. Water in your air tools is REAL bad so you definately want the water seperator, and the regulator you just turn a knob and it keeps the pressure after it at whatever setting you want while the compressor stays at whatever pressure its designed for, this also allows you to have more air volume in the tank as the air is more compressed.

This reciprocating compressor video is a small sample of the mechanical engineering training on the air compressor. How to training soft. . .

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  1. Valen Camry October 13, 2013 at 12:34 pm #
    No electrical motor to get dirty or overheat from extended use. . . Most compressors have a built in regulator. . .
  2. Ms Raneesh October 13, 2013 at 2:46 pm #
    Normally, air tools have more power than electric tools. Even the cheap compressors usually have a gauge next to a regulator so you can adjust the air output.
  3. J. Hall October 13, 2013 at 9:49 pm #
    No sparks, more power esp. In impact wrenches, If you have a gas operated air compressor, no need for electric on a job site.