22 March, 2014

Avionics Technician

So I joined the U. S. Air Force and I'm stuck between these two jobs. Any pros and cons? Tell me what you would do. Your experience in security forces and avionics. With security fores I wanted to cross train into pararescue. Give me any advice. Thank you in advance. After looking around, I learned — Avionics technicians don't exactly have the most action in their job (my dad is one) but security forces would involve plenty of it. You are more likely to get deployed as Security than as a technician but you still get deployed a lot either way

This short video highlights the day-to-day activities you might expect to encounter when you are a Avionics Technician. Install, inspect, test, adjust, or re. . .

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  1. Daytona Burbank696 March 21, 2014 at 12:11 am #
    Do avionics. . . . . When you get out you can get high paying jobs as an avionics tech