5 April, 2014

Avionics Technician

At the moment im doing electronic engineering. . But I got a chance to do avionics technician course. After 2 yrs there giving us the job as a tecnician. I want to know is worth to giveup my electronic engineering course and to do this. Also can I become a aircrft engineer one day?? How long it will take??? Plzzz hlp meeee. I was happy to learn… Electrical Engineering and Avionics are both very promising and expanding fields. As an electrical engineer the potential for work and employment is huge as this is an enormous field that can only get bigger. The majority of electrical engineer's work on designing products that are powered by or produce electricity. Sometimes, an electrical engineer will dedicate his or her time to a single electrical product. While there are millions of potential products an electrical engineer may work on, some examples include medical technology, cellular phones, handheld gaming systems, and airline navigation systems. On the other hand an avionics technician Avionics technician has the task of repairing and maintaining the various electronics systems utilized in modern aircraft design. There are many different types of avionics systems, and each must be fully functional to ensure safe and efficient operation of aircraft. Avionics technicians are responsible for making sure that these systems are properly maintained, and for fixing them when there is a problem. The differences between and electrical engineer and an avionics technician are, an electrical engineer and work in any field or on an product/machine that has electrical components; while an avionics technician just specializes in aircraft. Also if you wanted to follow the path of avionics technician it is very possible to become an aircraft engineer in the future. Extra study may be required to become an aircraft engineer, however the easiest way would seek employment in the air force, as they offer the best training possible, and would be keen to take on someone with an avionics technician background.

Find out about being an avionics technician with the Royal New Zealand Airforce.

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