16 February, 2014

Avionics Technician

I'm going to NSCC next yr and these are the two trades im thinking about taking. 1. Which is more in demand in Canada (Atlantic Provinces) in general.

2. What are the hourly pay for both of them (Starting pay-Average pay). Today I found out that… I really don't know if Avionics or Mechanics are in greater demand. I do know that those avionics components are located in a much nicer environment than brakes, tires and engines. I know that those "black boxes" weigh a lot less than hydraulic actuators and APUs. I worked aircraft maintenance for airlines for 40 years. I worked line maintenance mostly. I worked outside in the snow and in 120 degree heat. I worked in rain and hail. I got my FCC tickets and started avionics work late in life. It was interesting and a lot more comfortable. A radar antenna isn't as greasy and dirty as a thrust reverser either. The FCC license was a lot easier and took a lot less time than the A&P tickets.

Mohnish is a 17 yr old student and is interested in the aviation industry. He spends a day with an Avionics Technition to notice what they do on a daily basis.

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