7 November, 2013

Boiler Installation

I have one radiator that goes cold and requires bleeding a lot more often than all the others. It also seems to be a bit more noisy than the others too. Here are some details – – I just had a brand new boiler installed yesterday. – This problem was occurring for months before the boiler installation. – The radiator was bled during installation and was required again only 12 hours later. – When the heating goes on the problem radiator sounds louder than the others as the water rushes in. – The flat is a single-level (ground floor conversion) with six radiators – The flat is about 100 years old – The radiators seem to be between 10-15 years old. – I have no idea how old the pipework is, but it's no newer than the rads. From what I can tell… Maybe your not bleeding the rad correctly. You have to bleed Rads with the Boiler OFF> this is so the Boler Pump can force air bubles past the bleed vlve. Turn it off, and wait 5 minutes for any air bubbles can rise to the top of the rad, then bleed the air out, but dont close the bleed valve until the water is running clear and not just spurting. This is because you can have air bubblees, water, air bubbles and so on. Do all the rads at the same time. Then if you have a combi boiler check the water pressure is correct before turning the boiler back on.

Replacing the heating system in your home is a process that can take an entire day; but in this time-lapse footage, you can watch it reduced to just a few mi. . .

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  1. Mary-Kathryn646 November 3, 2013 at 1:45 am #
    Pressure up your boiler for the air loss/water replacement. Get a pressure regulator which lets water in if it is too low.