17 October, 2013

Brick And Stone Alignment

I was reversing out of my drive way I notice the steering wheel felt a bit loose when (turning) steering wheel to the opposite side as if I was Driving on ice. I went out to check there was a half broken brick stone under my front tyre, I was doing about 3mph and there is also High wind. After driving it for a while the steering wheel returned to its normal position. I'm not sure if my car is out of alignment. Do you know what I found? Should not have caused a problem at that speed Wind may have made driving initially feel like the car was tugging to one side.

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  1. Tiger Burbank October 13, 2013 at 2:59 am #
    I dont think you hurt it . . . Watch your tire wear if your worried they will tell you. . . . . Whoops other side of the pond . . . Watch tyre wear . . .