12 October, 2013

Brick Masonry

There is a space between the brick masonry (below the window) and the bay window that I've had repaired 3 times in the last 19 years. The last time was 5 years ago. It worked until now, but the gap is getting bigger. I think each time the worker put in foam to fill the opening and then put caulking over the top to even it all out. It's like the brick and the bay window are settling, but not at the same rate. A contractor suggested that the masonry has moved much more than the window. Maybe the window is not supported by the brick framing below, and the brick is laid up as a free standing vaneer. He thinks it is in our best interest to have the masonry removed and properly replaced. Is this something that insurance covers. I was so glad to find this — No. Homeowners policies are intended to cover sudden, accidental damages. What you're describing, I'd call it settling. Settling is excluded in every homeowners policy. You need to do the maintenance/repairs on this yourself, before it gets worse and costs even more money to fix.

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