20 June, 2014


From what country? And what countries are in demand. What I found out was – I started of my career as a bricklayer apprentice in Boston Massachusetts, USA about 15 years. At that time I was in the local bricklayers union and a full journeyman was paid 26 dollars an hour. By the time I quit in 1998 they were being paid about 30 dollars an hour. I quit from doing it until 2006 when I moved to Atlanta Georgia and started working for a non-union bricklaying company and they paid the bricklayers 18 dollars an hour. If you stay up in the northern part of USA and work in the union you will be paid almost double working in the south. The union is not very strong down in the south, I couldn’t find the bricklayers union here in Atlanta.

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  1. Mindi XXX June 15, 2014 at 8:24 am #
    this site has lotys of info on wages for various professions in australia