1 December, 2013

Certified Bricklayer

As in a pond pump running thro a low voltage transformer & plugged into a socket has to be certified? RUBBISH… But if I build a brick wall 3ft high across my gdn I dont need it checked by anyone, but if it fell over on a baby/small child it would certainly kill them as like electricity but more painfully. (ok, im a retired time served bricklayer & know wot im doin) & I clear up after myself unlike sparks with their overinflated prices. If a sparks does it wrong, at the most the hse burns. If a brickie does it wrong the whole building falls down, kills all inside & if a tower block gets all walking past as well. Sparks recon they're it, I beg to differ. P. S. I'm katies hubby peter. Lol, my name is definately peter & my wife is definately katie, except I aint got his & my Kt aint got her knockers, (thank god), & we're nicer than them. Can sum1 tell me how 2 reply 2 peeps comments plz, (bear with me im only a man). What I found out was – I'm a spark and I tell you I definitely don't know it all,judging by the amount of courses our trade association says I have to go on mostly all year. BUT my missus reckons SHE knows it all and she ain't even a sparkie. . . But she does look like a brickies labourer. . Ssshhh don't tell her I said that.

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  1. TuffGirl Robot November 30, 2013 at 12:49 am #
    Katie's hubby is Alex.
  2. Dharmu RR November 30, 2013 at 4:11 am #
    UNLIKE brickies, electricians are legally responsible to the safety of the place after we walk out the door. Any single component incorrectly installed could cause loss-of-life, limb or structure. And actually unless the socket is a new addition then it doesn't need to be certified. Read Approved Document P on the planningportal site.