13 October, 2013

Certified Bricklayer

Ive recently became redundant and would like to retrain to be come a bricklayer but am finding this next to impossible. Ive tried all the colleges and keep getting the same answer-You need an employer to take you on for an adult apprenticeship before anyone will train you up. Every week in the papers its the same thing-Massive shortage of skilled workers in construction. Now I know why,no ones interested in teaching new people the skills. I was just wondering on the off chance has anyone ever actually got bricklaying training and been over the age of 21? And I'm not talking about like 6 week courses at your local college where your not a certified brickie. Basically… Contact the Wise Group – they train you & pay you at the same time. They're based at Charlotte Street in Glasgow. 0141 303 3131

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  1. TuffGirl686 October 12, 2013 at 6:23 am #
    In America, we have community colleges where you can train and become certified in all phases of construction after you take a state exam. My only other idea is to check with a a local Bricklayer's union and they may be able to help you. One other idea is to offer to work for a company for free for a week or two to get trained.
  2. Mindy Raneesh October 12, 2013 at 5:43 pm #
    I wanted to train to become a plumber but when I phoned the college I got told there was a 3 yr waiting list.. I would get a job as a labourer on a building site. This is what I did. It will probably be a step down from what you are used to and the pay is not very good but it is a 'foot in the door'. Once your working on a site you will get the opportunity to progress into other areas.